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Still Unmotivated

2001-10-04 11:24 p.m.

Well crap. It's 11:25 pm and I am still unmotivated and what am I doing? Sitting here at the @!#!@# computer. Sometimes I think it's my only friend. Sounds pathetic eh? I know it's not true but sometimes. I am PMSING something terrible. I had to beg Brian to go get me a heating pad yesterday. I am sure I looked crazy at work behind my desk with a heating pad on my tummy. But I could care less. It helped the horrendous cramps.

So like I said it's almost 11:30 and my house is no where near clean. I have done two loads of laundry, dishes and packaged fresh meat and put it in the freezer. It sounds like a lot but if you've seen my house - rolleyes - you would know better. And the sad thing is I have to get it done tonight. Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

I am in a funk lately. Nothing seems right or feels right or anything. I am tired too. One day soon I am going to sleep the day away. If not before then the 3rd Friday in October when I am off at work! I can't wait.

Well I guess I better clean! Sigh!

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