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Snow Day

2001-11-28 10:18 p.m.

Well acupuncture was a bust again today! Ack! But that's okay cause it's a SNOW DAY!!! Whoo hoo! I am 33 years old and still LOVE snow days. No school for Brian and no work for me. I slept late, got up and ate a WONDERFULLY fattening breakfast of fried eggs, toast and sausage. Then cuddled on the couch with my hubby and watched The Mummy Returns. I think I liked this one better.

Then I got up and puttered around the house and sat back down to watch A Baby Story. They were boring episodes though and Trading Places was a rerun. Ugh! On one of the few days I am home.

I got to see a webcast of a friend in California who had her baby last night after several years of TTC and IF treatment. It was a blessing. We met online and she tried so hard. I literally cried as I watched the webcast. My time is coming. I am not even jealous. Just bittersweet! **Sigh** But it's coming.

We probably won't get another snow day tomorrow but we may have a delayed start. Since I work for a university we go with the local school with what they do.

OK - now that I have really decided I want to be a SAHM when I do get pregnant I will need to find a stable way to make money to SAH. I don't want to babysit. I respect anyone that does. But I don't want to. I want to have a doula when I am pregnant so I am seriously thinking of becoming a doula.

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