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A Simple Day

2001-10-10 10:43 a.m.

OK I am better motivated but barely. It was a long but fun weekend. We didn't get home with Korie til 10 am on Saturday. Then we had to get ready for the youth girls to come to my house to work on a fundraiser. That was a lot of fun. Poor Korie - this is her first year in youth and her dad is the youth pastor and it's hard on her. I had to quietly get on to her for being bossy and remind her when we were at youth activities she was another youth member. She didn't take that too well! :/

Sunday we took her home and the trip is too !@#!@# long! :( Th eood thing is we got romantic on the way back! :) Of all places. I flatout told Brian I wanted to know why he hadn't touched me in weeks and he couldn't honestly say! So we talked through some things and started loving on each other and ended up pulling over on the side of the road! :) Very fun! Very dark outside. We rolled a window down and I looked up at the stars. It felt heavenly. Then I went to sleep and woke up with a migrane! :/

So I took off work on Monday. Things are somewhat back to normal. Brian goes today for some bloodwork for IVF - routine stuff like HIV, Hep, etc. I am still waiting on my results.

I am looking more forward to IVF. I am scared. I have a friend on a bb that just found out she was pregnant and this was her 4th IVF. And I have a friend on another board who is starting her 3rd and another lady who has done 4 and they all failed. But I try to concentrate on the good stories. At Momsonline alone I know 3 ladies pregnant with twins on their first IVF. I hope I am a first timer considering we may not have the money to do this again!

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