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Salem Update - 4/7/04

2004-04-07 4:23 p.m.

Salem is a blast. She's now 18 months old. She likes to run and be outside. We've been playing on her outside play gym. It's really close to the pool (we're getting a pool fence later this summer) so we need to move it. And someone gave us a trampoline which under normal circumstances I would LOVE but we have a pool (I have visions of her and her friends diving off it into the pool) and because it's a retangular shape I haven't been able to find a safety net for it yet. Sigh! Brian won't consider getting rid of it so I won't consider not getting a pool gate now! Before this I was open to just having the pool alarms and a back door alarm! Not anymore! :lol

We go to the park a couple of times a week. She likes to go. She will stand by the sliding glass doors where we come in and out of and say bye bye which means she wants to go outside. And she can walk down off the porch (with my finger attached to her hand) really well.

We still haven't found a playgroup I like. The story groups - she just can't really sit still for them. And one playgroup starts at 9 am! ACK! We don't get up til 8 or 8:30.

She is still in 12-18 months clothes (she can't wear 18 months pants they're huge) and mainly size 3 shoes even though we just bought 2 pair of size 4 sandals.

She is still in her medium cloth diapers with a lot of room. I have 5 gorgeous Lucy's Hope Chest Large AIO's in the closet. I am thinking of selling them cause I just can't see that she'll get to them now.

She's still a big Wiggle's fan. We turn her DVD on when we first come downstairs in the morning. She gets all excited when she sees the screen that says DVD loading. LOL.

She misses her daddy but has adjusted. If we're out and she sees a big blue pickup she starts yelling "Da ee Da ee". She doesn't realize every big blue truck isn't him!

Ummm what else...She's eating better. Still on pediasure and lactose free cheese rather than dairy. Very few bouts of constipation which use to be a chronic ordeal. And the child can eat her weight in cheese so that's a good thing.

We are down to 1 bottle a day - the night time bottle and she sleeps through the night wonderfully well. I figure if I had been able to successfully BF we would still be nursing so the one bottle won't hurt her. And it's wonderful cuddle time.

We're still cosleeping and loving it. She almost always wakes me up by getting as close to my face as possible and when I open my eyes she smiles and says "Hi".

She has a baby doll and her lullaby gloworm that she holds like a baby! Too cute. She still doesn't have a lot of words, but babbles like crazy and she definitely understands me. For example: If I say are you hungry she runs to her high chair and if I ask if she's ready for a bath she runs to the bathroom.

She really is adorable to be around if I do say so!

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