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Salem Update 8/30/03

2003-08-31 12:49 a.m.

Salem's Update...

She is simply amazing! She's so much fun. She's eating wonderfully and crawling everywhere. She cruises along the couch and just last week tried to stand on her own a few seconds. My biggest deal is her taking her velcro dipes off. So we've been staying away from them. She hasn't been able to get the snap ones off! LOL. Thank God.

She literally follows me from room to room. It's so cute. And the past couple of days I see her crawl off to her room to play. I quietly check on her quite a bit to make sure she is ok and one day I found a toy off her book shelf with her on the shelf! ACK!

She is saying Mama (started this Wed) and says da da deee pretty regularly! I am still so in love. She's the most amazing thing I've ever hard a part in.

Now I find myself planning her 1st bday. My where has the time gone.

There are a lot of new pics in her July-August Album. So be sure to check it out. It's the same password.

Also I had three entries today. Check the others out. Just when I think I get a handle on updating I get busy again. So when that happens I am sure there will be multiple posts.

Now I am off to work on the Jesus-Freak diaryring!

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