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Salem Update 10/24/03

2003-10-24 12:17 p.m.

Salem had gotten to the point where we could leave the room but she's going through some separation anxiety again. It's driving me crazy but if I leave the room she cries. So I try to talk to her from the other room which helps some! But usually she follows me and clings to my pants wherever I go. I think it's from the 3 doctors appts and the birthday party all in the same week. So I am hoping she gets better soon. She had been playing in her room for a good 20 minutes at a time before coming to find me.

She's off formula and on whole milk. That went really well. Only took a week. I am going to wait to work her off the bottles in November. Right now her problems with constipation have returned with a vengence. It seems to be rather common from kids with NS. So she gets miralax daily. The Dr. wants her to have a barium enema which I am not looking forward to at all to rule out a bowel obstruction since she screams and strains even when passing a normal BM. Apparently some NK kids do have bowel obstructions so we pretty much have to do this.

Fun stuff - She's still cruising and crawling everywhere. She will let go and stand and take a step before she lunges at me or Brian so I think she's about to start walking!

Her favorite toy lately is a singing Dorothy the Dinosaur. It goes EVERYWHERE we go! Literally.

She smacks her lips when she wants something to drink! It's so funny! And god forbid if she sees a sonic cup with a red straw cause she knows it is soda and she drives me crazy til I give in an give her a sip and then when I won't give her anymore she throws a tantrum! :lol She's definitely strong willed.

And I think I watch WAY too much Friends and Trading Spaces. Everytime either shows theme music comes on she goes nuts and starts giggling and dancing. It's too funny.

Oh we also got her a rocking zebra and she gets on this things and clapses her legs around the sides and holds on to the zebras ears for dear life! But she loves it!

Hmmm....I could go on and on and on...She's amazing!!! Oh yeah! Her 1 year portraits are in her photo album! Go check out that curly hair!

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