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Salem's Uodate 7/31 & FET

2003-07-31 12:04 p.m.

Salem is doing great! She's crawling her regular crawl almost everywhere. Trying to climb on EVERYTHING and even more vocal than ever. It's funny to watch her climb. She can't do it yet but she will be standing and try to hike her leg up over something! She's totally fearless! It's cute now but I am sure it will be a pain later! LOL.

She's drinking pretty well from her sippy cup (we are now using the ones with the straws) and her favorite toy lately is her Leap Frog Drum and a big box I found for her to play in. She liked it til she tried to stand against it and it tipped over. But that was a few days ago and now she's coming back around. It fascinates her. I put her in it with a shoe box and some toys and she puts the shoe box on her head! I have to get my cam battery charged!

And can you believe I actually called and scheduled my FET Consult this morning? We are still looking at doing the FET between November and January but they want at least a month or more prior to come discuss it and decide what group I will be in etc.

I can't believe it's almost time for this. My appt is Sept 19. I don't know if I am totally ready but I will be 36 in February and we have three embryos so I want to get started.

I will probably start going back to the chiro and doing acupuncture in Oct too. I think it really helped relax me.

Other than things are ho hum! Having fun with Salem and with scrapbooking. We haved some drama with the girl that was living with us and with Korie's mom but I will save that for another post!

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