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Salem Update - 7/17/2003

2003-07-17 9:37 a.m.

Salem has had a good couple of weeks. At her 9 month visit last week she weighed 16'12' and is 25 3/4 and her head is 17 1/2. She's still basically in the 10th % for weight and height but her Dr. is pleased cause once she got on the 10% curve at around 4 months she has stayed there.

We are staying on the higher calorie mix of formula since her weight gain has been steady on it. And working on eating more food. She won't hardly eat from a spoon so we are trying foods she can hold. She's eating 2 decent meals a day this way.

She is doing her frog crawl EVERYWHERE. She can move very fast. But yesterday she even crawled a "regular" crawl a couple of times.

She's pulling up on everything. LOL. She's realized how much she can do now.

And she said her first word. And it wasn't mama! And she says it ALL the time! Sigh! It was dada!

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