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Salem - Prayer Request

2004-05-26 12:06 a.m.

I am SO stressed out about Salem's upcoming echo. I get this way before them all. She's doing so well right now but I am always scared to death that they will tell me that her lower level problems now need surgery (which we were always told was a possibility) or that the beta blocker is no longer managing the hypertrophy, etc I hate feeling like this. I am normally a very optimistic and hopeful person. But it's hard not to worry.

And she has really hated the last 2 echos and fought them tooth and nail. The cardiologist comes to my town to do see his patients so we don't have to drive 3 hours there and back but he doesn't do sedated echos here since he uses the local hospital staff and who is assigned to him could change. The last time we saw him he said that if he didn't see what he needed to see we would have to go to Dallas for a conscious sedated one.

I am really stressed out about it. The appt is on 6-8. Please keep Salem in your prayers.

Otherwise she is doing wonderful. Actually she's been driving me crazy the last two days! LOL. But isn't that what toddlers do?

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