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Salem's First ER Visit

2003-12-29 11:36 a.m.

On December 19th Salem had her visit to the emergency room! :( Earlier that day an ornament fell off her tree that was up on the counter. We think the cats must have knocked it off cause it was no where within her reach. I guess it broke and she was acutally chewing on a piece of glass! Brian heard it. It was a thin clear glass ornament and the entire top was off and in pieces. So we couldn't be sure he got it all out especially since she did have some blood in her mouth. So I called the ped and he said take her to the ER fast cause it can cause internal bleeding.

They did xrays and didn't see glass in her tummy or throat but it had been 4 hours so it could have been out of her tummy. But the gastro didn't want to scope her but we had to check her diaper for blood every 2 hours for 24 hours and watch for vomiting, fever etc. So it was a long night. But PRAISE God she is ok!

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