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Salems Birthday Party 2003

2003-10-08 10:41 a.m.

Salem's birthday party was a huge success. She was REAL clingy for about 30 minutes. We had about 25 people here. About 6 people that had RSVP'ed didn't come. We had brisket sandwiches, chips, beans and hot sauce and chips, ice tea and koolaid.

Then we sang happy birthday to Salem! She kept trying to touch the lit candle! ACK!

Then she DOVE into the cake. I truly can't describe it. I am in the process of resizing all the pics and will upload them to her photo album hopefully tonight. I didn't get as many as I had planned but my mom and FIL took a lot of pics and I will add those to the album.

At one point she literally dove into the cake with both hands - and then dipped her mouth into it several times and then started getting tired and was wiping her eyes and it was all over her from head to toe.

So I cleaned her up and we served the big cake and Brian took the small cake inside and somehow - I missed how it started - a dare started between Brian and Korie and he shoved the cake in her face! Then she shoved it in his. It was hysterical!!! We got it all on video.

Salem was spoiled rotten. Mom and my sister got her the cutest little Nikes and she got clothes and puzzles and books and bath stuff! So sweet! And she got a Dorothy the Dinosaur stuffed animal that sings Romp Romp a Chomp and a Leap Frog Bake Set. We bought her animal puppets, clothes (I hit an outlet mall the last time I was in Dallas) and a crawl and cruise playground.

I simply can't believe my baby is 1!

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