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Too Sad

2002-05-16 12:47 p.m.

I had an OB appt today. Check out the link at the top to the baby page.

I had such a great appt this morning. I got to work feeling great and went to check an expecting multiples group that I belong to and one of the ladies I have felt closest too lost her twins last night at 20 weeks. She posted that the BH's that she thought she was having were actually contractions. She called her doctor Tuesday and he asked her to come in. Upon doing a cervix check he found that she was dialated to 3 and membrane was right there. They admitted her and put her on immediate and full bedrest. They came in and did a swab test to see if her membranes had ruptured and they had. When she spiked a fever they started her on pitocin and gave her an epidural. She delivered her precious girls (identical) still alive. Both were struggling for breath and hearts beating. She held them until they had passed away and then through the night. They will be buried in a family ceremony tomorrow in a single white casket, with pink lining, in small white dresses that they hospital put them in. Please keep Megan and her family in your prayers.

My heart is broken for her #1 but my emotions are irrational now. I am getting these worried feelings that I haven't had since I lost the third baby back in April.

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