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Rotten Eggs, Being a SAHM & The Bear

2002-05-31 8:41 a.m.

People at work are asking me if I am going to quit. I am not lying. I am saying I don't know. I do NOT plan to quit before things are secured. That would be foolish. But I also don't think it's necessary to tell the world at large where I work that I plan to be a SAHM. I would be relegated to the world of stupid, boring projects, etc. No way. Not me. I'm not stupid. I will tell them (my boss mainly) AFTER I have the babies.

Brian is a BEAR this week. He's tired and really grumpy but it will be over soon. He's adjusting to some of his new responsbilities and is adapting to the learning curve of going out and meeting all his clients personally etc. But at home he is a BEAR! LOL.

Tonight we have the youth over for a swim party to celebrate the end of school. I just DON'T wanna do it. I am SO tired. But I don't have a choice. I feel bad but I want to hide in my room because they really get on my pregnant nerves lately. Especially after one of them broke my ceramic windchimes that a VERY special online friend sent me as a housewarming gift. And the thing is they didn't even tell me. I found them broken after they left. I told them all in youth that that was unacceptable and if it was an accident to let us know. No one said a word. So the next week I was blunt. You come to my house - you respect my house. Don't go through my cabinets looking for food cause you don't like what's on the table. Don't harass my cats and pick up after yourselves or the pool will become off limits.

It sounds harsh but some of these kids have the manners of a bull in a china cabinent. They do NOT take gentle instruction well and their parents don't care. I don't want to be mean but I think the kids take for granted all we do with them and for them. So it's really getting to me lately. Brian goes to their sporting events, I take them shopping (for formals and swimsuits cause their parents "can't"), we have 5-6 events a month which is A LOT! ETC. And I really don't mind it all but I guess the old saying is true about it only taking one rotten egg to spoil it all. And in this case I have 3!

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