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My Ring, A Migrane & Sex

2003-01-24 11:09 a.m.

I'm married again! Well not literally of course but at least figuratively! I haven't worn my wedding ring since April of 2002 due to my pregnancy. So after I have Salem I patiently wait for my fingers to return to their normal size. Do they? Of course not! So I turn it in to be resized and it is but its still too small. So three days after Christmas I give it back to be done again and I just got it back yesterday. I went from a size 5 to a size 7 1/2! ACK! But it's beautiful and I am SO glad I have it!!!

Thank God my shoe size went back to normal. I have a shoe fetish and would be SO disappointed to have had to get rid of my 30 odd pair of cute shoes!


What else is new? I am mainly just tired. I've been fighting a migrane for days. I am still aggravated when I think of Brian's MAJOR screwup with Salem's bottle.


And when is my sex life supposed to return to normal? I am finally in the mood and Brian has been going to bed early lately. I stay up til 11:30 cause Salem wakes to eat at 11 and then I give her heart medicine at 11:30.

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