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Rant #2 For Today

2002-02-18 7:19 p.m.

Another rant! So if you don't want to hear it click off to somewhere else.

A comment from this profile's notes set me off. It was stated in relation to a comeback towards this entry at ChasingStar.

I am so tired of holier than thou ignorant comments. Geez let's take a minute and educate ourselves before saying something we know nothing about. But I guess that would make too much sense.

We are pregnant from IVF. We paid $5000 out of pocket (my RE lowered his fees) and my meds were donated. (It never hurts to ask for help). No that's not typical but you can get IVF for less than $15,000 and sometimes around $10,000. And sometimes if you do some research you can find a clinic that offers a guarantee of 3 or 4 tries for a certain amount and if they all fail you get a large portion back.

Wanna know how much adoption was when we looked into it? $25,000 and up! And that was checking into international adoption as well. One agency in Russia was over $30,000.

We also looked into a local adoption of a bi-racial child and it was about $15,000. And one agency wanted you to have a savings account with at least $10,000 in it until you could adopt and that could take years.

Yes easy adoptions come along but they are not the norm. And things don't always go right. I have had a friend lose 2, YES 2, babies from adoptions when the birth moms changed their minds.

You know EVERYONE has an opinion. I am as opinionated as the rest. But you can look like an ~*~*~ when you speak about something you aren't completely educated about.

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