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Raina's 1st Year

2006-06-16 12:44 p.m.

***Note - can anyone help me change the pic?***

Raina's Update. I can't believe a year has passed. Where does the time go? If you're reading this read the other update I posted today re: Salem. If you want to see pics click on the link and if you don't have the password let me know. It's the same.


OK We were in church this morning. The cry room was FULL. I noticed when I got there (there are only two rockers). Well we sat on the back row so I could see if someone left if I needed to go in.

Well about halfway through Raina wanted to eat. So I got the blanket and was latching her and scrapped my ring across her nose (OUCH - she was ok - didn't even leave a mark). But she let out a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM and several people turned to look at me as I was trying to cover up under the blanket (I had already undone my bra) and make a quick exit! I was SOOOOOO embarrassed! ETA At least I had my blanket!


This morning I was bfing Raina and Salem came and brought a blanket and her cup of milk. So we all snuggled on the couch. Me nursing Raina on the left and cuddling Salem on the right. We fell asleep that way - it was early. How perfect a moment was that?


Life With Two: I am SO tired. I LOVE Raina to pieces and Salem is adjusting well I am just bone tired. With Salem - even with her health issues and feeding her every 3 hours til six months I could nap when she did and because I was working part-time and Brian working we switched off a lot. But I definitely can't nap when she does with an almost three year old running around!

Otherwise things are well. Raina is 1/2 ounce short of 6 pounds and nursing pretty well albeit around the clock. She has almost weaned from the nipple shield entirely but still refuses to latch without it if she gets bent out of shape and frustrated for whatever reason.

Salem is a doll. She loves sister. We're just adjusting to our new life - like her wanting something when I start to nurse. I am trying to anticipate that. Also - I can't get in the pool with her yet - so she's frustrated she can't swim til daddy gets home.

Anyway - someone asked me today if I was going to be scrapbooking ANYTIME soon! I died laughing. I can't imagine being mentally up for it even if I had time.

I am having Raina's pics taken professionally on Sat and her baby dedication will be the first or second Sunday in July!


I've met my first goal - we've been BFing 6 weeks today!!! I am SO excited and relieved. 90% of the time she nurses without the shield but occasionally needs it if she's super aggravated or if my right nipple is stubborn and won't protrude. Otherwise we're doing great!!!

My next goal is 6 months of BM only!!!


Raina is almost 9 weeks and still a little peanut. She has her 2 month appt next week. She nurses really well and is sleeping a tad better. We're working on nursing lying down so I can get more sleep. She's a sweet girl - smiling a lot and beginning to show personality. She is very mellow really. Only cries when she's hungry.


I・ve been bfing for 3 months!!! I am SO excited. I pretty much NIP anywhere with my cover-up and lately she's hated being covered up so I get her latched (still can't do that discreetly and move it down when she's ready. I LOVE LOVE LOVE nursing. I am SO glad my dreams came true this time.


My 11 pounder!!! She's doubled her birth weight. It's a terrible pic but she was crabby! I will work on updating my sig - hopefully today or tomorrow - and get an updated pic of both girls to share.


4 Month Checkup

She weighed 12.8 and was 22 inches. WOW. I am SO excited. He said I could start cereal but I told him I was trying to hold out til 6 months and he smiled and said good. She got some shots and is asleep right now.

She gained 4 pounds and 2 ounces since her 2 month checkup! I can't get over that. WOW she's really growing!


We went to see Korie cheerlead. She adores Korie. Raina did well. This was her first big road trip. Someone asked me at Red Lobster if I was Raina・s grandmother! UGH! They were inferring that she was KORIE. Dangit 37 isn・t old.


AF showed on Friday. Here I am nursing nursing on demand, night nursing at least once a night but at times two or more, and not introducing solids yet. I am SO bummed. Raina is just 4 1/2 month sold. Grrr.


Raina・s rolling over. It's so cute til she screams for the umpteenth time cause she can't roll back!


We are 5 months nursing now and it really does get better! I LOVE how she tries to latch on in the middle of the night, how she grins up at me while latched and then milk dribbles out! It's SO cute!!!! I guarantee that pump never smiled at me so sweet when I was pumping for Salem!

And this makes me think of Atticus when I met him and Heather two summers ago! He would just giggle SO cute before she nursed him! So sweet!


Raina has croup and ended up in the ER. Her stridor (labored breathing) was so bad we call the on call ped and he said with her being so young she needs to come into the ER. We just got back. It is croup. She had 2 breathing treatments and a shot of steroids. She also has an ear infection so got a shot of antibiotics. We're supposed to sleep by our cool mist humidifier and try to get her to nurse as much as possible and call her ped in the AM.

To feel so bad she's still smiling and flirting with the ER nurses (all men). It was so sweet to watch them fawn over her.


I love nursing. We are 5 months nursing now and it really does get better! I LOVE how she tries to latch on in the middle of the night, how she grins up at me while latched and then milk dribbles out! It's SO cute!!!!


It's only happened twice but Salem tries to "nurse" Raina. She actually lifts up her shirt and puts her to her chest and pats her back etc. Lasts maybe 30-45 seconds. I always say good job, you'll be able to nurse a baby like mommy does some day and let it go. It's really sweet


My uncle came to visit my grandmother in the hospital this weekend. I didn't get to see him but he has a new great grandbaby (his 18 year old grand daughter) who is a month younger than Raina. He asked my mom how Raina is and she said well blah blah blah. And he mentioned that he's been fattening the baby up with beans and rice. ACK! She loves it he says. And he's a good guy. Would never intentionally hurt her but can you imagine a baby right at 4 months eating regular rice and red beans? EEK. He asked mom how Raina was and she said nice and fat on breast milk only! He wasn't put off but didn't get it!


Raina is about 5 1/2 months. I plan to starts solids at 6months. She's not even been interested til last week. We were at a restaurant and I was holding her and she was really watching EVERY bite I took. I was talking to Brian and he said look at your daughter. I looked down and she had a piece of fried catfish in her hands! Catfish fried in cornmeal is SO not going to be her first solid. But I guess she's getting interested!


Major road trip to Nashville. Brian had a conference and I tagged along. We broke the trip up in 2 days the way there and back and pretty much had to stop every 2-3 hours to nurse Raina. Raina is a crab in the carseat. Salem travels wonderfully. While there we stayed at the Doubletree and met Allison and her daughters (she posts at WW) and Sherri, Lexi and her older daughters (from ezb). The last day back was a horrendous trip. The DVD player wouldn・t work and Raina was sick of the seat. It took forever to get home. But I enjoyed sightseeing with both girls and having fun even though I was by myself most of the time. I did go to the Third Day concert. We had the girls there but it was too loud so Brian went out front with them. It was a short mini concert.


Whoo Hoo! We did it!! I am SO psyched!!! She's ready for food though so we're going to make a big deal of it tomorrow and start her. But I am so glad we waited 6 months


Raina・s 6 Month Appt and Flu Shots

I quaked. I used to say adamantly no. Salem didn't need one the first year cause she was less than 6 months old and really too fragile for one. We delayed other shots too. Then the next year she was SO healthy I said no.

Well with Raina I was prepared to say no. Then she got croup really bad in October and we ended up in the ER. Dr. S said he used to not recommend it but the past 2 years he's seen more and more infants in the hospital with it. So she got it. Then he recommended Salem get it since Raina was more at risk. **Sigh**

What hard decisions we make at times. Salem was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad.

Anyway - Raina weighed 15'3' and was 25 inches long! They weighed Salem and she was still 25 1/2 pounds!

Side note Salem was just 13 pounds at 6 months and started out almost 2 pounds heavier. Raina is petite but rolly! It's so cute.


2 Falls At Speech Today

It's REALLY windy here #1 so that's aggravating. Leaves constantly blowing our faces. We get to speech and I have to make Salem leave something in the car. They don't like you to bring in things as it can distract from the therapy. She's used to that but this morning decides to meltdown and freaks and runs and when I call to her to stop she turns and looks at me and trips on the curb. Ruins a pair of pants and therapy starts with tears. She's ok though.

After speech I am carrying Raina and getting Salem in the car. I usually open Salem's side and let her in (to keep her away from cars while I am busy with Raina). She gets in her seat and does the top buckle. She's on my side. Then I turn to take Raina to her side and trip over the same freaking curb. But I'm carrying Raina. I have a think blanket on her and manage to get my hand to the back of her head as my knee hit the asphalt so she's not hurt but she's screaming like crazy, my pants are ruined and my knee all bloody. People saw us and came running. The center director came outside...It was a mess. I undressed Raina and there is not a mark on her thank God. She is not crying now and I am gingerly testing her limbs to make sure all is ok.

Gosh what a bad morning!


Raina is six and half months old and still going strong. She nurses a lot. During the day it's easily every 2-3 hours although she can go longer if we're out and about or she's finally napping. She's been eating an evening meal since Thanksgiving. She LOVES sweet potatoes and green beans (real green beans). We've also done some oatmeal cereal and she likes small pieces of bread.

She's down to 1 nursing a night but occasionally 2. So all in all she nurses a lot but I am fine with that. Co sleeping makes it very easy. I barely notice.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE nursing. She's teething so biting will be our next adventure. Like Artie posted re: Saylor - she does get frustrated and pinches and pulls but I hold her hands most of the time. She also pulls off VERY dramatically and that occasionally hurts. She's at that stage where she gets distracted and pulls me with her as she turns her head til she pops off. OUCH!


Finally home from the Dr. Our appt was at 3:20. We didn't leave til 5:30. Then I had to go to the bank, get a rx and take Korie to church.

Raina does have croup. He gave her a steroid shot.


Raina and the Dog V We all went to Amy's Sunday night for pizza and the movie Narnia. I was sitting in the floor holding Raina, and Amy's dog kept coming over. Raina was beyond laughing she was reaching for the dog and wigging and cackling in glee it went on for about 15 minutes it was hilarious.


She bit me today! Ouch!!! I unlatched immediately and boy she was NOT happy. Then I re-latched and she bit again so I unlatched again and said no biting honey. The 3rd time she nursed without biting.

But OUCH!!!!


Raina・s 1st plane trip! She went with me to Chicago to see some ezb friends. She did SO well on the plane. She nursed and slept and did so well there. I am SO proud of her.


We went on a road trip today to Dallas with my mom and sister and her kids. Raina did really well with all the stimulation I think. She・s a sweet girly if a little clingy. Very mellow.


She's been scooting and rolling for a while but ALL day she's been getting up on her knees and rocking!



I have a Sharpie baby. Have you seen the sharpie commercial where the mom tries to put the baby down and as soon as his feet hit the floor he cries?

That's Raina to a T. No exaggeration. I put her down to use the bathroom & pack the diaper bag cause I have to get my nieces and nephews from school today and she's screaming bloody murder with huge alligator tears and the instance I pick her up she smiles and laughs.

I vacillate back and forth between agitation and hysteria. It's silly. Poor thing.


Raina had 2 major boo boo・s today. Earlier she was sitting up in the floor. She is still quite wobbly. I was sitting right there and she still fell over and banged her head on the coffee table! It is a HUGE bruise!

We have the sofa bed pulled out while Brian is gone. I've made a big deal about camping out with Salem downstairs so maybe she won't miss Daddy as much at bedtime. So I laid her in the middle and Salem was right there. I got up to go get something and in like 3 seconds I hear the plop of her hitting the hardwood floor.

UGH! You would think I would know better.


Raina・s latest thing is nursing sitting up! She literally will just sit up and nurse and look up at me. It's so cute. If I try to cradle her she gets SO mad.


Raina・s 9 month Appt

Can you believe she'll be 9 months on Friday? Anyway she's 17 pounds even! And 26 inches long. She has definitely bypassed Salem's stats. She's doing SO well!!!

She's still trying to crawl. Gets up and rocks back and forth and occasionally lunges forward. She loves to sit up and play and we're starting to get more involved with touchy feely books.

She's really adorable. She laughs and giggles and can be pretty charming. She is definitely going through anxiety of being alone. She wants to be held a lot.

She is eating some jarred foods (fruits and veggies), cheerios, crackers, and LOVES green beans (the regular kind). And still nurses a lot! LOL. She is drinking water from a sippy. She can't hold it well but she loves to drink from it. We're using a nubby for now.


Raina is CRAWLING!!!


My niece Rachel is 7. Last night Raina needed to nurse. So I got a light blanket and started nursing. Rachel said what are you doing? I said feeding. She said where's the bottle? I said I am nursing. She said what does that mean? So I showed her. She goes OMG no way! Bruce my BIL said Rachel mommy fed you and Timmy (twins) that way for 3 months. She goes no way! LOL. It was more an incredulous thing. The look on her face was SO cute. Now she wants to sit right beside me and look every time I nurse.


Brief scare with Raina

About a week ago I was changing Raina's diaper and they were a TON of red stuff in the poop. It really looked like blood. I freaked and called Brian. He was concerned too which really freaked me out cause he's normally so non-chalant about everything. I was about to call the ped when he looked again and said hey what・s' that...there was a similar please in blue. Just more "whole". She had eaten crayons! OMG!!! I've gotten SO much better about vacuuming and having Salem people up her stuff since then!


We went skiing in Colorado. Raina traveled much better this time as opposed to Nashville. She was pretty mellow. She loved the cool air and seemed to adjust really well. We nursed on the slopes and just relaxed. It was really nice.


Raina is cracking me up! She's in the kitchen looking at herself in the reflection off the black front of the stove and reaching up and touching it and giggling.


I never experienced this with Salem. Salem was fine as long as she was in the same room with me. She wouldn't go to other people which was fine but she was ok if I was busy. But Raina has to be held. CONSTANTLY. I may get about 20 minutes in the morning and after a nap. When Salem's not in school I try to spend as much time as I can with her too and man I am just not handling this well. Yesterday when I was getting ready for church she screamed for 10 minutes in the bathroom floor while I straightened my hair. I held her while I haphazardly put on makeup.

And I love holding and I don't wish she would grow up too quick. But I am worn out. I sling her or put her in the hip hammock a lot (she prefers hammock) but I can do real cleaning like this or major work for the business. We're trying to complete a MAJOR bid for a 60 location convenience store chain that has to be in by tomorrow am complete with measurements per location. I've been up til 1ish for 3 nights in a row and will probably be so again.

Even with Brian and Larrah here she wants me about 80% of the time. And I am not talking whining. I mean all out shrieking and shaking and big ole tears. Almost hyperventilating. Even when I am at the computer usually she is in my lap.

I am beyond worn out mentally and especially emotionally as I have so much other stuff going on.


I just don't get it. Even if Brian is here I have to totally leave the room or she screams for me. I am really stressed out right now with some major family issues, so I think she's picking up on that so I am trying to distress and pray for peace for us both.


Raina is pulling up! On everything!


I・m shopping for Raina's 1st birthday party stuff! Sigh! I don't remember feeling this sad with Salem! For some reasons it・s so much different with Raina than with Salem. Especially since I know she・s my last baby. So many lasts. Oh, I can't talk about it, there's already a big lump in my throat. It・s all so bittersweet that they are meant to grow.


Raina is EVERYWHERE. I am so glad she's giving me a moment to breathe! LOL. It's so funny! She crawls and pulls up on everything. She goes back and forth in the living room to the office to the kitchen. I have toys in each room because she seems easily bored/distracted. And she's just noticed the TV so I've left it on Disney and she stops and looks at it some. Actually right now she's playing with the handle on Sasha's crate!

Man she is funny to watch. She crawls so blasted fast. Salem was a slow crawler. It's funny to watch. Sometimes she'll catch me watching her and realize hey mom's not holding me and demand to be held and then be ok!

I am glad she's letting me put her down for 2 seconds. Of course if I try to leave she flips but she'll grow out of that.


I just found Raina with green marker ALL over her face. LOL. I guess this is a marker cause Salem is coloring. She's not playing with it now - I didn't catch that part but look at her hands and mouth! It's too early for this!!!


Raina・s eyes are crossing. I am trying not to worry but what could cause that? Her one year appt was for 5/30 and I got it moved up to the 25th and they'll call me if they have a cancellation. It's kinda scary. What could be causing it? Think she'll need glasses?


Raina is a TERRIBLY light sleeper. I mean if the doorbell rings or the floorboards creak by the bed she wakes.

Well Salem was watching Jack・s Big Music show. They were playing I'm gonna catch you - you better run and she kept running in circles and squealing and woke up Raina after I had asked her several times to stop.

So I got mad and put in her time out. Now I feel bad. She's just been a kid. Any other time it wouldn't have fazed me.


Thank goodness her eye appt is next week. Her eyes seem worse. Brian thinks it's just because I know it's there that I am noticing it more but it seems worse. It's hard not to worry. So I am taking pics so I can take them with me to the Dr. next week in case they don't "do it" while we're there.


She had an appt this morning. She did really well during the appt. The Dr. was wonderful. Very patient and VERY playful. Raina was giggling and only freaked out for a few minutes when they put drops in her eyes.

They said there are 2 main reasons eyes cross:

1. Problems with eye muscles
2. Vision

For Raina they said she is significantly far-sighted. She says she sees it in both eyes but it is more significant in her right eye. So basically her eyes are crossing while they try to focus. She said it could be somewhat muscular and they will watch it but she thinks the glasses will correct the problem.

So we got a prescription and are off to look at glasses today. She needs to wear them ALL the time and we go back in a month.

Happy Birthday baby. I am amazed by you every day. You are so sweet and mellow most of the time although you are in a clingy stage. You are so sweet in your glasses although I know they are a hard adjustment. I did cry for a moment when they first put them on but to see you look around the world with such clarity touched my heart. I had no idea you had eye problems and only wish I had noticed your eyes crossing sooner. We were visiting Nannie tonight and you played with a balloon in ways you had never played before. I am SO excited to see the world open up to you in such a new way. Happy birthday my love. I am still amazed that you are in our lives. What a beautiful surprise you are. I pray that as you get older that I will become the mom I want to be for you. The mom that God wants me to be for you. I pray that God opens up heaven and rains down blessings open you. Thank you Jesus for such a sweet wonderful girl to bless my life with in addition to Brian, Korie and Salem. Now are family is complete.


You started clapping today!!! YIPPEE!!! We went to the ped today and you weighed right at 18 pounds. I thought you were bigger. LOL. But you are perfect!!!


Your bday party was today. You were tired and it was SO hot but you did so well! People loved seeing you in your glasses. You dove into your bday cake. SO cute. We also turned your carseat around. It・s a tad early but you hate people in the carseat lately. I love you SO much!

Are her glasses real?

**No I just thought I would put some on her with a band around her head to make it even more of a PITA**

Who would put fake glasses on a baby?

This is right up there with are they natural when people found out I was pregnant with twins and the COUNTLESS idiots who asked me if I permed Salem's hair when she around 1 year old.

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