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Pregnancy Update 10-25

2004-10-26 12:26 a.m.

Well I had my 8 week appt today. WOW and to think I thought this could be a normal pregnancy! LOL Dr. T was VERY excited for me but he said having diabetes before pregnancy is a whole different ball of wax than gestational diabetes. I will be monitored very closely.

Things we will watch for:

* Kidney/Liver problems for me and as my liver enzymes are still elevated this is of particular concern
* If I get real sick with nausea I am to call him for a script. Nausea combined with the glucophage can cause lactidosis (sp?). In the meantime I am to take a B6 vitamin 3 times a day to combat the nausea even if I feel good.
* It's ok if I lose some weight as long as I am eating well. He only wants me to gain 15 pounds. I have to be SUPER strict on my sugar. Thankfully I already am.
* Many moms on glucophage do end up going on insulin and many have to stay on insulin after birth. Thankfully I am used to needles eh?
* Diabetic moms tend to have premature babies and/or babies with low birth weights and many end up in csections. He said most diabetics don't go past 38 weeks even without problems. He said we would do everything we can to have a vaginal birth but that sometimes it's just not possible.
* Some diabetic moms have babies with congenital heart defects. And yeah that makes me REALLY wonder about Salem's heart issues but I can't do anything about it now.
* I will see the peri (thankfully there is on in town now) twice even without complications for 2 scans of the baby to check for congenital problems. If there are problems I would see them more often.
* Wants me to see an ophthalmologist around week 15 and week 30 to make sure I'm not developing retinopathy.
* I will be going to the Dr. every 2 weeks starting now! Yeah this one surprised me. I have to test my blood sugar 4 times a day and will get blood work every 2 weeks to check my liver enzymes and blood glucose. When I am further along we will add non stress tests to the regime.

WOW can you believe it? I didn't know of all the complications that came with diabetes. I honestly thought it would be the same as with gestational diabetes but it's not. I was overwhelmed but ultimately SO very thankful to be pregnant that it's ok!

It's worth it all. I will do everything I can do and hope and pray for the best! The rest is up to God.

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