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Nursing News

2002-10-09 12:17 p.m.

We had a great appt with an LC today. I feel so much better. Salem has lost weight (7 ounces) but they said roughly 10% loss is to be expected. They loaned me a hospital grade double pump by Ameda, gave me tips on my flat nipples, breast shields and a soft cup for feeding pumped milk. I just assumed pumped milk had to be feed from a bottle. This lady suggested the soft cup or a syringe. The cup is widely used in europe. I used it as soon as we got home and she did great.

I am still worried about her latching on but we will keep working. I will give her the breast every single time except one feeding at night when Brian let's me sleep.

Anyway - that's news from my world. I am so happy to have a plan! :) Thanks for all the positive encouragement in my guestbook. :) It does help.

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