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I'm Changing the Nursery

2002-04-08 12:57 p.m.

Hold the phone! I am TOTALLY rethinking my nursery! I found a quilt that I am in love with. Look!!!

For those of you that don't know I LOVE lambs and collect them! I have a TON of stuffed lambs and stuff that I thought I couldn't use in a baby room cause all the bedding I found was pastels and I don't want pastels.

Well my sweet friend Quilts4Baby is a phenomenal quilter and is going to make me quilts and we've been trying to figure out what.

Well this is it. I am sure the actual fabric may be different but I want to use those colors, especially the tangerine and yellow trim.

I cautiously showed Brian this on Sat and he fell in love with it and told me he never really liked the denim idea but didn't think it was worth not doing since I was sold on it (too bad he can't think that way on the name Wyatt! GRRR). So he's happy.

I am thinking of painting the bottom half of the walls a tangerine color about 3/4 of the way up and yellow molding as the border and french white everywhere. And keep the chambray bedskirt and bumperpads and make cribsheets in tangerine, bright yellow and green.

I have a shelf above the closet that I can put a bunch of my lambs on! I am SO excited.

Now a sweet lady at church made a GORGEOUS western blanket (it's not a quilt so I was mistaken) and we can use that and if she makes another as ones to use in the car and the carseats.

I am SO excited. Can you tell? LOL.

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