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Nothing Really

2002-03-19 1:25 p.m.

There's nothing really new to talk about today. I just want to stay disciplined about my entries since I've been lazy lately! :(

Blech! I am so tired. Not much new on. I won auctions for 3 pairs of maternity pants, jeans and one shirt. And I will go to a friend in Arlington in April to pick up her clothes. My first OB appt in Thursday. I am looking forward to that.

I bought my double breast pump. It's a Soothie Medela Doublease Breast Pump.

I feel like I am repeating myself. But I am TOO lazy to go back and read my last entry to see if I am! LOL.

OH yes! I forgot to tell write about my scare with my furbaby Cali yesterday.

We have a couch that has recliners on the end but they weren't open! Well we had been gone at least 2 hours and came home and heard Cali crying! We finally figured out she was in the couch. So we opened the recliners but she wasn't in those part. She had somehow made it to the middle that was seamed on all edges. I didn't know what to do and Brian was gone.

So I picked up the couch (yes I know and I already got griped out by Brian but my baby was crying and Brian wasn't going to be home for 3 hours) - anyway I flipped the couch over and ripped the lining off the bottom. Poor baby! She was shaking! She had been in there for so long.

Brian thinks she got in through the pull out cup holder in the center of the couch. When you pull it out there is a little open pocket on each side.

Well that makes sense of but of course I didn't think of that before I turned the couch over and ripped off the fabric off the bottom of the couch!

Now I am off to scan my U/S pics and then work on some features for Phenomenal Women.

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