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A Whole Lotta Nothing

2001-11-20 9:58 a.m.

Hmmm...What's happening? A lot of nothing really. I already wrote about house busy I was last week. Sunday was church and then I cleaned house and watched The Practice. Exciting eh?

Yesterday I spent most of my work day on the phone with my car loan company. They drafted the wrong account and told me they weren't responsible for the NSF fees. Brian's account was over $400 overdrawn. So I spent my extra time faxing letters and finding out who the president of the company was and so on. Cause it sure isn't my fault and I will not suck it up and eat $122.50 in NSF fees. Then I had to go get an advance on my credit card to put in Brian's account for the time being. UGH! UGH! UGH!

So all in all yesterday was horrendous. Then I went to the chiro and my back loved it. I didn't see my normal chiro. This other guy is really nice but a little more rough. But I always feel good later. And my insurance finally kicked in and I only paid $6. Whoo Hoo! :) Finally I can say my insurance paid for something! I go back to the chiro tomorrow.

The good thing about today is at 2 pm I will be off work til next Monday! Thank God. I really need a break.

I plan to finish cleaning house, watch Tombraider on DVD at my sister's and sleep late! :)

Did I mention that I HATE mice? My Zoe (oldest cat) caught his first mouse las tnight. GROSS. And Cali hasn't had her shots yet so Brian and I had to get the thing away from Zoe - boy was he pissed (Zoe that is). By the time it was all over it was after 9 and I went to bed.

Lord - I love you and I appreciate you having control of my life even when it's chaotic. I know you don't bring the chaos but you bring the stability in the midst of chaos. For that I am thankful.

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