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No Acupuncture Today

2001-11-27 3:57 p.m.

No acupuncture today. I was disappointed but OK with it. We are starting tomorrow instead. My Dr. that I love had an emergency so I got an adjustment from him and then his technicians gave me the royal treatment.

I got to lay on a table with heat packs on my neck, back and hips for about twenty minutes. Then I went on the electric current machine with fresh hotpacks. WOW. The heat makes a difference.

And then we finished the treatment with the spinalator machine. I am SO in love with that machine. I laughingly told Brian I wanted one for Christmas. He said he could just see himself talking to a friend like this:

Friend: "I got a new car. The payment is only $320. I think we got a really good deal."

Brian: "That's cool. We got a spinalator. Leah LOVES it! It's only $190 a month".

OK I am sure that was much funnier in person! :)

So the acupuncture is on for tomorrow. No if ands or buts about it.

Except if....see it's sleeting here right now as we speak. And my town that seldom sees ice or snow freaks out and will most likely have schools and business closed for a few hours tomorrow morning. But I am crossing my fingers.

By the way I've been updating my diary frequently. More than once a day at times. So if you're a frequent reader definitely check out what you missed!

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