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New Baby Update & Acquire The Fire Trip

2002-03-17 11:00 p.m.

OK I've been lax about updating! Oh well. I feel like crap so I've been lax about a lot! LOL. The other day at work I shut my office door and took a nap!!! :) Even have a pillow and an alarm clock stored up there for those emergencies.

We had our second U/S on Friday! They look great and are measuring perfectly. And their little hearts are just a beating. I have an OB appt next Thursday and I can't wait to hear their heartbeats. I have new U/S pics that I will post Monday on the babies website. Baby A's heart rate was 174. Get this - the U/S tech called after I left on Friday and needs me to come back because she didn't record Baby B's heart rate. So Monday I go back and see them again! Korie will be here so maybe she will want to go!!!

I am still getting sick off and on. Some days it's all day and sometimes it's just a little. I even woke myself up early this am sick. But thankfully hopefully the most of it will be over soon.

People's generosity amazes me!!! We have 3 baby beds (no lie) - I will probably put one at my pastor's wifes. She had grand kids and doesn't have a bed for them when she keeps them. We have 3 carriers (we bought two and someone gave us one), 1 swing, 2 bouncy seats and a ton of boy clothes. Ok you guys think pink though! It would be nice to have a boy and a girl!!! :)

We aren't going to buy many clothes except onesies and sleepers. We have bedding and I bought a double breast pump last week. So the other big items I have on my list are a pack and go, monitor (even though they will sleep in our room a while), a glider, a double stroller and stuff for redoing their room. Even though they will sleep upstairs in our room for a while, I am thinking of putting them down for naps in the beds. Well bed. I will put them in the same bed together for a while.

Some of the other things on my list are mattresses, mattress cover, a double nursing pillow and things like that. I will put most of that on a registry.

Anyway I LOVE planning and getting ready for them! I simply can't believe the desire of my heart is real. Sometimes I think I can't really be pregnant. But I am praise God! I am!!!

My waistbands are getting a little tight. My friend and SIL who had twins said they showed at 12 weeks. So I won 3 auctions on eBay for maternity pants and a friend is going to give me her things and I hope they will get me through at least half of the pregnancy. I have to get a swimsuit too! LOL. That will be fun. But I don't care how I look. I will be pregnant and plan to enjoy the pool to my fullest this summer. A friend swam a lot with me last summer and she was pregnant. She said it really helped the strain on her back a lot!

We took the kids to an Acquire the Fire conference in Dallas. It was a blast. They are so excited. It was great to see them learn and enjoy exciting christian music that is hard to hear in Abilene. A lot of it isn't even sold. A few really had God touch their hearts. We got back in at 3:00 am Sunday am and ALL of them but one was at Sunday church on time. Brian went to sit in the regular section where the youth typically sit and they came and got him and told him they don't sit there anymore and moved to the front row of the middle section! LOL.

It's real exciting to go to a conference and fall in love with Jesus all over again! I could hear them talking in the van on the way home and they were trouble shooting and working out ways between them to hold each other accountable so they don't lose their excitement.

We also all agreed (as a part of the conference) to give up something media related that we are into for a 30 day fast. Some gave up a certain CD or TV show, one gave up her Internet time etc.

In late April we plan to have a drama skit in church about media and then testify how their 30 day fast went and encourage the church members to join them in another media fast.

ATF is a part of Teen Mania Ministries!. They have WONDERFUL opportunites for youth. If you are involved with youth at all go to their website and check it out or send the link to your church's youth pastor. Their meetings are interdenominational. We are nondenominational but their were baptists, methodists, lutherans and many more denominations there.

Teen Mania has youth mission opportunites and a phenomenal youth camp!

Anyway that's my plug for Teen Mania. I am totally sold out on how they work with youth and help youth pastors become more effective with their youth. The leadership session this weekend was phenomenal in and of itself.

And an unexpected bonus to the conference were testimonies from Dana Curry and Heather Mercer - the young Christian women who were released from prison in Afghanistan. They had wonderful testimonies.

And even the babies didn't mind all the loud music!!! We are breaking them in early!

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