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I am NOT a nag

2002-02-07 10:16 a.m.

ACKKKKKKKKKKKK. Save my from a husband who won't let me remind him of ANYTHING without thinking I am nagging. Nevermind that I wait to the last minute cause he procrastinates about EVERYTHING! I am so aggravated. Geez. So really sometimes I feel like I can't say anything. Why in the heck does it have to be nagging for example for me to remind him to wear his seatbelt (which he won't do unless I remind him even though we recently had a youth member break her back in a wreck and she wasn't wearing a seatbelt).

Normally I wait and wait and wait. I've even gotten to the point that I let him suffer the consequences. But today I made the GRAVE mistake of asking if he has balanced his checkbook since he spent $135 tires this morning. He doesn't have much more than that in there right now and has no clue. So the first thing he says is, "Leah I have it undercontrol". And he says it in his mean voice that isn't even like him. CRAP. He didn't have it undercontrol. And tomorrow he would have tried to use his debit card and it wouldn't have gone through like last time and then he would have been embarrassed and mad.

Why do I set myself up for crap like this? Geez. I am SO tired of NEVER being able to say something or give a helpful criticism without it considered nagging. Oh but he can. So what's the difference? There shouldn't be one. Basically that makes me feel that I am not allowed an opinion. Gee Thanks. That makes a girl feel special.

I get the impression that he wants me to be this mild mannered meek woman. Well I am not. I am loving and kind and I love Brian more than anything on earth but I do have an opinion and I shouldn't have to squelch it continually. And after being married to me for 4 years he should know me.

And I would think he could tell the difference in me saying, "Have you balanced your checkbook?" as opposed to if I had said something like, "Have you balanced your checkbook? You know what happened last time. You don't want that to happen again you know. So have you balanced it?"

UGH! I LOVE him to pieces but he literally drives me crazy with this crap.

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