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Mundane is Good

2002-03-06 10:16 a.m.

First of all thanks EVERYONE so much for their guestbook entries and congrats!!! We are so excited that our infertility battle is over and pleased to have 2 babies to love. That's for enjoying our news with us. And guess what??? Mir is pregnant! Go and congratulate her!!!

What a tough night last night. I felt so yucky that I didn't want to do anything. Brian went out of town for a meeting so I laid on my butt and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. DH hates it when I watch that so I am a closet watcher! LOL. I ordered Pizza! YUMM! And was SO famished I ate 5 pieces. I never eat 5! LOL. The only thing that would have made it better would be to have been able to eat it with jalapenos on it. But my babies definitely don't like jalapenos.

I know this cause I thought my nausea at my beloved mexican food might be over and ordered my favorite sub with jalapenos on it at lunch yesterday. Mistake. Big Mistake.

So I watched two episodes of Buffy! I am new to all this and these are reruns on FX but it was listed as a 2000/2001 episodes. It was the episode where Riley left. :( Does he EVER come back??? Someone PLEASE tell me!

Then I found out from some research and talking to two online friends who had twins that I can expect to need to get into maternity pants at 12 weeks! EEK! LOL. Oh well!

So then I finally got the energy to get up and do dishes and clean up the kitchen. Then I went to sleep to wake up to Brian getting ready to give me my shot! Just one more week of these. Hurrah! Then I get to complain about messy suppositories. LOL.

And that's it. I didn't want to get up. I felt like I might throw up but didn't but was scared to brush my teeth. But I sucked it up and did and didn't toss my cookies! Yeah!

Then I checked out HarlieSkye's diary! Very original today!!! 85 things about her in celebration of her 85th entry!

That's it for me. Not that exciting! :) But mundane can be good! :)

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