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Move for Mommy!!!

2002-06-05 10:26 a.m.

Marlen and Rick had their baby!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Welcome to the world Kari!!!

Well I am TIRED and my hands still hurt so thus a lack of entries. I don't even feel bad! I am just trying to get it all together and not get so totally snowed under that I am dying.

I went to a mothers of multiples meeting on Monday night. It was fun! I met a lady with triplet girls (2 were identical). They were a little over 1. They were so precious. Made me a tad sad for a short bit. **Sigh**

We meet once a month for a group meeting, once a week for play days with the SAHM's and once every month during the summer with family and DH's for swimming bbq etc. Most of the moms have twins under age 8. Several under age 5. One mom's twins are 4 weeks. She scared me. She made it 39 weeks after a csection with her first child, had these two at home and they weighed a combined total of 17 pounds!!! EEK! LOL. She is breastfeeding like a champ and she and several others told me to forget the twin nursing pillow I was considering. They said it was bulky and got in the way.

Well I am 20 weeks! :) I still can hardly believe it. Now if these babies would just move where I know it's them moving!!! Come on now. Just one move for mommy?

Thanks for the encouragement on my "rotten eggs". We did have an incident on Friday so 2 of them are grounded from swimming at my house for the month of June. Not indefinitely but I felt I had to do something. Otherwise it went pretty well. We had 18 kids show up and 12 stay the night.

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