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Lack of Motivation

2001-10-03 9:18 a.m.

I am totally unmotivated to do anything. All weekend we were busy and so my house is a disaster STILL. Monday night we took the youth to play lasertag. Tip: If you have 13 kids who want to play - don't wait til everyone gets vested and charged up to find they only have 12 vests! :(

Today is CD 1. I am glad in a way cause that means I am one step closer to IVF. Friday I am having bloodwork done that will help the Dr. decide what protocol I will need. But in the meantime AF is kicking my butt with the cramps. I hate the COW! You could think once she would give me a break.

And I'm tired and obviously whiney! The lady at Walmart pissed me off last night. I use ads and coupons and always do the ads last so I don't confuse them. So she was reading the ad wrong and rang in the wrong price. So she tried to correct it and did it again. And Again and again. So she had to call a manager and before it was all over they spent 15 minutes voiding out over $4 in bell pepper entries. Bell Peppers! ACK!

Oh well. It's gotta get better. Maybe if I wish REAL hard and hope and pray I will go home and my house will magically be cleaned! LOL. Yeah right!

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