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A Part of Who I Am

2001-10-25 11:31 p.m.

About Me?

Things I Enjoy:

1. Worshipping Jesus with incredible praise music.

2. Being online. It's my connection with the outside world. Even though I go to work and am a youth pastor's wife I don't have a lot of really close friends outside of a few on the web.

3. Snowmen & Lambs - I collect them both.

4. Star Wars - I am such a fan. My favorite is The Empire Strikes Back.

5. I love Science Fiction.

6. I love Christmas - the sights and sounds and scents. Everything about it. Even commercialism to a degree since I love to shop for a special gift for those I love. I love the tradition we have of baking a Happy Birthday Jesus cake for Christmas Eve. We bake it, decorate it, put candles on it and sing Happy Birthday Jesus.

7. Time with Brian. Even when we fuss I never regret being with him, sharing my life with him and being a part of him. I am truly blessed in more ways than one.

8. Movies - I simply love movies of all genres. I LOVE Sci Fi and Action and especially Drama. I love a good comedy (no slapstick) and have even loved the Art flicks that come to my town occasionally.

Some of my alltime faves are: Star Wars (all of them), Pretty Woman, Legends of the Fall, An Affair to Remember, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Enemy of the State, Gladiator, Wedding Planner, Star Trek, and lots more. What can I say? I have very ecletic tastes.

9. TV - I don't watch a lot of TV on a regular basis outside of movies. I do faithfully watch ER. I love The Pretender (Jarrod - whoa baby), The Practice and that's about it for regular shows that I enjoy.

OK little things: I LOVE spicy mexican food, key lime cheese cake, Big Red soda and nutty bars. I love the way my furbabies - Zoe, Luci and Cali - bring me so much love and companionship.

I love to hear my husband preach and I especially like hearing Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyer. I love to read but seldom do cause I am always on the Net! LOL.

And a secret passion I have is pictures. I have framed pics of family and friends all over my house.

Things I can't stand.

1. Liars

2. Insincerity

3. Christians who are holier than thou. That doesn't mean I don't love them and their ideals - but I believe in ministering to people in love.

4. Infertility treatment and the cost.

5. Insensitive people.

6. Mountain Dew, cabbage, minemeat pie...

7. Betrayal

8. Popup Advertisments

9. People who don't listen - Example: Saying, "Help Desk this is Leah may I help you?" and having them say, "Is this the help desk?"

10. People who are mean to my cats.

11. When I can't connect to the Internet.

12. The thought of my friends and family going to hell.

13. Feeling isolated from God.

14. Feeling isolated from Brian.

15. The thought of never becoming a mom.

16. Gumsmackers

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