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Too Moody

2001-12-23 10:14 p.m.

I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I've finally gotten my shopping done which has only affirmed my conviction that I will NEVER wait this long again! :)

I lost my fudge recipe. It was the best. So I tried a new one today. :( It was good but not as good. If anyone has a marshmallow creme fudge recipe please feel free to post it in my book.

I think Brian is getting tired of my moodiness. The Dr. did explain to him that in most cases it was not something I could help because of the meds and to be honest I don't even start the really hormonal meds til 1-12 but today he snapped at me pretty hard. Of course I cried and he apologized and it was okay but it worried me cause it's not even in his nature to snap. He is the most patient loving man I know. :( I hate this aspect of IVF.

Jesus please give me the strength and courage to make it through this. Please protect my marriage and bless my husband with a special helping of patience to deal with me. And bless me and please supernaturally help me to be calmer and less moody despite the medications natural reactions. I don't want the next 5 weeks to be sheer hell.

Please help me relax and remember to do my rest and relaxation exercises and to not stress over the piddly things. To let go and trust you and be at peace with where I am in this procedure.

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.

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