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We're in the money

2002-05-25 1:37 p.m.

Guess what? Brian graduates in December and we were worried about him finding a job that paid enough in just a month before my maternity leave ends January 4th. Well the guy where he works part-time (a landscaping & florist co) asked him if he was quitting after he graduates. Brian said he might have to and that he needs a certain amount of money to let me stay home with the babies, etc. Well this was a couple of weeks ago and the man came back to Brian yesterday and offered him Plant Service now with a $2 an hour raise (where he takes care of private business accounts) and in the fall when he graduates this would work into partime plant service with a helper and partime marketing for new plant service and landscaping contracts and he is willing to pay Brian what he asked for. That amazed me. This guy makes a ton of money but he's known to be stingy at times. So that has to be the grace of God. So I am excited knowing I don't have to go back to work. Now we will just need to find insurance after my cobra runs out next summer. I do plan to work on ebay and help with the valet business starting in January so that will bring in extra cash as well. And we are hoping the stipend Brian gets at church for youth pastoring won't end in January even though he can't work one day a week at the church (the pastor likes him, the ass pastor and the music pastor to work a few hours a week at church once a week). We can use that money for mad money if we get to keep it. Brian's new job will be 8-5 M-F.

Also - if you pray pray for a lady named Donna. Brian and I were going to lunch today and saw a lady on the side of the road crying with all her belongings. We stopped and asked her if she needed help or a ride and ended up taking her home. She wouldn't talk much but she is so broken hearted. We took her home helped her unload her stuff and gave her our name and church #. Hopefully things will work out for her.

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