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Misc Update 8/30

2003-08-31 12:46 a.m.

Misc Update:

We got a mini van! I was there all afternoon! Check out the link cause I am not sure how long it will be up on the net. It's 3 years old, only 15,000 miles and I negotiated a good price and a tradein! I am proud of myself if I do say so!!! I LOVE it. It's quite nice to drive.

It has 4 captains chairs that are REALLY comfortable!!! Of course I had a heck of a time getting Salem's Britax in (they are hard to install but extremely safe once in). So I didn't drive it a lot til I got the seat inspected.

Speaking of carseats I am trying to talk Brian into getting another Britax for his car. I just really am sold on their safety and comfort. I found them at Dreamtime Baby online for $187 with free shipping. That's awesome.

What else is new? I am swamped at work but trying not to complain. If I complain they may think I need to work more hours and really it's just a few weeks out of the year that it's this busy. So I've been taking some work home and doing it during Salem's naps. Which normally I use as time to nap or clean so I've been staying up late at night to clean.

I need some sleep.

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