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Misc Update 10-8

2003-10-08 12:10 p.m.

Wow what an eventful summer and fall. I feel so overwhelmed at times that my beloved diary is one of the last places I tend to go. And actually I should be here more often to deal with my thoughts in a more complete process.

Either way - Brian and I had a rough few weeks this summer where we just argued back and forth. It was terrible. I hate fighting with him. It doesn't help that my sex drive is almost NIL and the few times I get a tad amorous he is beyond tired. So we both have a lot to deal with there and are trying.

Brian is going back on a mission trip to Brazil. He leaves Oct 28 and returns the 7th. Honestly - I don't want him to go. But I know what I want and what God is calling him to do is two entirely different things.

Our situation with him staying home with Salem in the mornings is going well. He really enjoys it now and I (even though am still EXTREMELY jealous) do ok with it all. In an effort to make me more at ease with working my boss gave me a private office, a new desk and a 17 " flat screen monitor. LOL. I still would rather be at home but this does help. And basically a new job description as well.

What else? I love mommyhood but find it challenging. Salem is definitely a needy girl which is ok. But it's a little wearing at times. She loves to flirt and talk to people but won't go to them for the most part - not even family.

We are in the process of reorganizing our office/den and turning it into a playroom for Miss S. Hmmm what else? There is so much I want and need to say but forget once I am here and updating. That figures. I am trying to find a way to start updating more regular. It just needs to become a habit again.

If you are just now reading this I have posted several entries today and have many more coming. So be sure to check back.

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