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Yet Another Medical Problem

2001-11-01 2:01 p.m.

I just can't seem to write lately. My hips hurt (long story which I will write about shortly), I am tired and I just need some sleep.

I went to the chiropractor for the first time. My neck has been in a lot of pain and my hips hurt. It can never be easy for me. He wasn't concerned about my neck at all. He said my neck was perfectly aligned. One of the best he had seen and the pain I was feeling was probably directed specifically to stress and tension.

Well my hips are another story. He said I have a 12 mm displacement between my hips. He said it could also be scoliosis but that he wasn't sure. I am to go back tomorrow and twice next week for adjustments and treatment on a muscle relaxing machine. If in two weeks it's not noticably better I may have to get lifts for shoes and be referred to a MD.

Well today I went back and he had actually guestimated the displacement and when he went to update my file he measured it and it was 19 mm.

So more than likely I will get a lift and he said if I did get scoliosis it would be minor for my spine trying to compensate for my hips. So the lifts would prevent that.

I guess no more stylish sandals (my weakness) for me! Sigh!

My waterbed isn't helping. I am trying to talk Brian into getting a new bed but he doesn't really want to. The Dr. said he would talk to him if he needs to. I may just sleep on the couch. Maybe he will get the idea that way.

I will go back tomorrow for another adjustment and two next week and then do new xrays to see what's going on.

Well I will be back to write more soon. I want to write more frequently and I have to do an update on my RR's. I will do it today or tomorrow.

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