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Mother's Day & Salem Update 5-12

2003-05-12 10:42 a.m.

This is a pic of Salem in the pretty pink diaper Mia made her! Isn't she cute?

Boy was Salem a little monster Friday. She was SUPER whiney and clingy and I couldn't wait for dad to get home so I could have a short break and then she became all smiles! LOL. So then dad didn't quite believe what a monster she had been! LOL. Then we went out for catfish for dinner and she ate an entire piece of bread! She loves bread! If only she could live on that alone.

Then an older gentleman said hello to her and she smiled at him for a second, then screeched and dove her head into my chest. That was the first time and now she's done it a 1000x's since!

In church Sunday I let her smell my corsage and she promptly preceeded to play with it and thus by the end of service it was destroyed!

And she's become a grabber even more so. At supper last (well after) we were all around the table and she managed to grab Brian's glass of tea and fling it everywhere and overturn a plate. From now on she stays in the high chair! Isn't it amazing how freakishly strong a tiny baby can be?

I did pretty well on Mother's Day! Salem was in an awesome mood and I am sure that really helped. Then I went to the grocery store by myself and was in line and talking to a lady and she said Happy Mother's Day and I said thank you to you as well and she said well I am really not a mom and I said what do you mean? And she said her daughter had died as a child. I said I am so sorry and said but you're still a mom and I said I do know what you mean and share a brief version of Salem's story and her siblings that didn't make it and then I found myself crying. In the checkout line and the lady came back and gave me a hug. Then we started laughing and we must have really freaked the cashier out cause he kept looking at us weird.

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