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Mind & Body Part III

2001-11-25 10:19 p.m.

Seeing My Problems As Blessings

AFFIRMATION: Every life has periods and situations of great difficulty that call on our spirit. I can take my unwanted sufferings, the sorrows of my life and the struggles within and use them for nourishment of patience and compassion and of courage and strength. As a place to discover greater freedom.

Grant that I may be given no more than I can handle according to the holy inspired word of God. I can't always change my outside world or my circumstance, but I can change how I relate to it, see it, approach it and deal with it.

Questions to ask myself the next few days:

1. How have I treated this difficulty thus far?

2. How have I suffered by my own response and reaction to it?

3. What suffering is unavoidable and what can I change?

4. What do I need to let go of?

5. What great lesson might this problem teach me?

6. What is the value hidden in this situation?

The past three weeks in my M & B routine have been sporadic. Sometimes I do really well and sometimes I don't. I am eating somewhat better. I have switched back to diet sodas (just an occasional one as a treat). I do have a yoga tape that I plan to use, I am using candles to give my home and office a welcoming scent, I am doing R&R's at the chiros and do minis several times a day. I am journalling and looking for more ways to relax.

What am I not doing? My R&R's on a daily basis. I HAVE to work on this and exercising and more journalling.

Behavior Modification Exercises

Things to do:

1. Count my blessings at the stop light or do a mini. Notice the sky. Sing a praise song. Laugh.

2. While standing in a long line - read a gossip magazine and laugh. Remember some naughy sex tips from Cosmo.

3. Make a hot date with Brian. Neither one of us wear a watch.

4. Get a manicure and pedicure.

5. Get a massage.

6. Write a letter instead of an email (this would be hard). Decorate the letter and envelope with colored pencils.

7. Read instead of surfing at least a couple of hours a week.

8. Bring a picnic lunch to work and eat it at the pond while feeding the ducks.

9. Soak in a hot tub with lots of bubbles and candles and my Yanni CD.

Things not to do:

1. Don't take my temperature or check for cm or cp.

2. Don't schedule sex or be too busy for a date night with Brian.

3. No more IF/IVF research.

4. Spend time on the net on some non-related IF sites.

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