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An Update On Luci/Brian Leaving

2002-07-10 2:35 p.m.

Well this day has been rotten! Brian is in a bad mood (I think he is stressing over leaving me tonight). I have to finish packing his bags. We took one car in to be worked on while he's gone and now the A/C is acting up on the other so he's gone to have it looked at.

And an update on Luci: She has to have surgery to remove all her jaw teeth on bottom and while they are in there they will clean her teeth and put in a feeding tube. Her mouth is so infected she won't eat. I am so upset. Brian's leaving today and this is happening.

She will be in til they remove the feeding tube which will only be through the weekend hopefully. I am going to go visit her in a bit. I am so thankful it's not leukemia or FIV but I feel terrible. She's always had bad breath but I didn't know it was the sign of something this bad! :( Thanks for all the sweet comments. SOme people just look at you crazy when you are so upset or worried over a pet. But my furbabies are just that - my babies. I may have to feed her by syringe when she first comes home but we can do that. The Dr. said she would eventually be able to eat hard food again.

Plus Brian freaked out over the cost of the surgery. I just looked at him dumbfounded and of course he felt bad and apologized. He loves her too but he's a typical man and the thought of spending $400 freaked him out. They will let us pay it out thankfully.

So I am STRESSED beyond measure. LOL. I stayed up late last night writing "love" letters, poems and notes to hide throughout his bags. I want to put them in right before he leaves so he doesn't see them til he gets there.

Good news is I can feel Salem a lot today. That ALWAYS makes me feel better. I am also going to meet my town's only neonatologist next week in case I need him when Salem is born.

I really need to update my pregnancy journal. I will try to do that tonight.

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