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Long Weekend

2001-12-03 4:17 p.m.

WOW it was a long weekend. My hubby was sick and being a typical man he wouldn't go to the Dr. He has bronchitis I think so were were treating it herbally but he broke down and went to the Dr. today. Thank God. He was driving me batty!

Well I was really bummed cause my RE wanted me to have another HSG. Well suffice to say that test is of the devil. It hurts like !@#!@ and I do NOT want it again. So after some major convincing I don't have to do it. Whoo Hoo! Praise God.

Today is CD 2 and I think we are gonna try naturally this month just in case. Wouldn't it be nice to get pregnant before spending that money??? :lol

Here's my plan. No temping. It's too stressful and I think I know my body pretty well by now.

1. Glass of pineapple juice a day

2. Acupuncture

3. Weekly trip to the chiropractor

4. Mind and Body Stress Program - Rest and Relaxation

5. Herbs and Vitamins - LArginine, B6, Baby Aspirin, Robitussin and Vitex

Hmmm... Sounds like a plan! :) I can always dream and pray right?

The acupuncture was wonderful. My first time was Friday. It was wonderful and today was my my second treatment. It feels wonderfully relaxing. Dr. Scott is truly wonderful to me! :)

Well that's just a minor update. I am super busy at work and busy at home taking care of a sick hubby and baking 45 dozen cookies for the Jail Ministry! But I needed to update.

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