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Life Goes On?

2001-09-17 7:29 p.m.

Wow I haven't written much in a few days. Sometimes my words here seem so trivial with what's going on in the world and then I remind myself that I need to express myself as much as possible since I have such a hardtime doing that in real life.

The weekend was hectic. We spent ALL day saturday with the youth. There was a puppet show and kids got saved and then some of the kids came to church on Sunday. That's always cool.

I love working with the youth. Brian tells me that I act totally different with them than I do adults. He said when I am with adults that I have a wall around me. He's probably right. But I think it's partly self protective considering what I've been through.

I hated work today. Some people are so petty and I won't even both talking about it but it still really gets to me at times that people don't enjoy life. I don't all the time but I am learning to. Things don't have to be perfect to enjoy life.

Well that's enough of me today. I will get on track and type more tomorrow.

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