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Leah's Update 12/3

2003-12-03 11:13 a.m.

What's new with me! ACK! As always I am HUGELY behind. But oh well.

But here are a few highlights! :)

I'm getting into Buffy! I had a watched a few shows here and there but now the reruns are on FX and it started with the first season. Salem is almost always asleep when it's on! But I missed the episode with Angel lost his soul again! CRUD!

I am dieting. Doing the Atkins diet. I've lost 5 pounds so far. Brian said if I made my goal I could get a tummy tuck next summer! Yippy!

My grandmother just got out of the hospital today. She has enfezema (sp?) and won't quit smoking and now it's putting her in heart failure! Sigh!

I am WAY too busy. Working and kicking myself in the butt that I didn't quit this summer since Brian's been making really good money. So once again we've decided I will put my notice in Feb 1 and my last day is Feb 28. I am excited. Brian said he can't stay home in the mornings in the Spring cause he has too many accounts now. So it's not an option now as we don't want Salem in daycare.

We are going on a cruise in January! We leave on January 25 and I cannot wait! It's a family thing. We're going to go to Key West, Cozumel & Caymans.

Hmmmm....I have several things going holiday wise. 2 Christmas parties at work (1 for the university and 1 for my department), an ornament party for some lady friends on Monday, Brian has 3 parties at church (1 for his youth worker, 1 for the youth and then the Board of Directors will have one for all the pastors). Plus I'm involved in 3 online exchanges. I LOVE doing these.

I have 94 personal cards to write and 48 business ones. ACK! I DO NOT want to do this! But I did upload pics to and ordered 80 Christmas photo cards. That will help.

I have spent hours getting paperwork ready for our first tax season with the business. I want to get every deduction imaginable.

I am also dealing with the idea of being a parent to an only child. Even though she has a 13 year old sister she will be basically an only child since Korie isn't here all the time. Some days I do really well with it but somedays I really get sad and miss the two babes that should be here with Salem. I guess I am always going to miss them.

I have my tree up and am trying to get the other decorations up! Brian has the lights on the house for us! I have my recipes for fudge and cookies all ready. I also have most of my Christmas shopping done. Just have to get a few things for Korie and stocking stuffers and that is it! Whew!!!

I guess that's all for now. There's a ton more but I won't bore ya!

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