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Korie's Short Visit

2003-07-17 9:34 a.m.

Korie got here on a Friday late in the evening. That Sat she went with Brian to get the middle schoolers from camp. Brian was told her could bring extra high schoolers the next week so Korie as if she could go. So we spent time with her on Sunday. So the entire next week through Sat she was at camp. Then Sunday we spent family time and Monday she and Brian and the youth went to Hurricane Harbor. We know have a 17 year old pregnant girl staying with us temporarily while Brian counsils her parents (they kicked her out). So she shared Korie's room. We talked to Korie about this privately and she said it was ok.

So Tuesday night we rented movies and I was REALLY tired. She asked to go to the mall and I said next week. Wed when I got off work I took her and Rosa (pregnant girl) to movie and then there was church. Thursday she spent ALL day with a youth worker going to the mall and then to eat. Friday she spent with the Children's pastor working on stuff for VBS (she asked to) and just came home for 4th of July lunch and then went to look at the Fireworks. She spent the night with Aja (children's pastor) that night. Sometime on Sat she snuck on Aja's cell phone and called her mom crying saying she wanted to come home.

We found out that night at 9:30 that she wanted to come home. We tried to talk to her and she said we didn't spend anytime with her and all we had time for was Salem. Well her mom showed up pissed off on Sunday to take her home! So Brian insisted we all talk and basically Korie says she feels out of place here. But honestly we only had a couple of days with her cause of stuff going on with camp and stuff that she asked to do. We think she wanted to go home cause she doesn't have ANY rules there and doesn't have chores. Plus she did get in trouble cause she lost her dad's cell phone. But she didn't even get grounded. Just a stern talking to. Sigh!

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