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Refinancing, Zoe, Gardening & Aggravation

2003-06-06 12:35 p.m.

I don't think I am getting the house refinanced - WHICH SUCKS - and it's my own stupid fault. I should have done it before I went part-time in January. My part-time income is screwing us cause Brian's income can't count til he has at least 1 tax return showing he paid taxes on his self-employed income.

I am bummed. We have a great payment but it could even be a ton better with as low as interest is right now.

I have a gardening question for all you gardeners out there. Has anyone heard that you can use newspaper as opposed to weed cloth to keep weeds out of your flower beds? Last year when we did our beds we planted the plants, put down weed cloth and then mulch. But the weed cloth can be expensive and if newspaper works it's both cheap and we're recycling on future beds. And I have 4 more I plan to put in.So the big question - do you know if it works?.

What else...we may have to get rid of Zoe. He's just not people friendly and I worry that if he's like this with others what will he be like when Salem can get to his tail or something.

Brian is driving me NUTS! I've had my new washing machine how long? And the old washing machine sat in my kitchen til last night after I called someone to come get it. **Sigh** Then last night I couldn't find an insulated bottle bag anywhere so I had to come down stairs for a bag in the middle of the night. Then this morning I find 2 in his car. It's constantly stuff like this. I hate to complain cause in SO many ways he's wonderful but he procrastinates at home something awful and it drives me nuts. Like he hasn't put my new license plates on my car (and I've had them since March). I can put the trash can in front of the back door for him to take out to the street and he moves it out of his way and doesn't take it out. I will mop the floor and instead of taking off his grass/mud covered boots he traipses through the house and I have to remop/revacuum. He cut a whole in my moms kitchen floor (she has a mobile home) to get to a pipe and covered it with plywood back in Feb and hasn't gone back to fix it. And so on.

His procrastination for home things is getting to me. Thankfully with the business he doesn't do this but geez. I LOVE Brian but he's really on my nerves with things like this. And we've talked and talked and I always come across as nagging or so he says so now I don't want to say anything. Geez. What else can I say?

And I guess I should say what wonderful things he does but that will have to wait for another day cause I am WAY too aggravated.

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