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What a Jack Ass

2003-03-31 10:49 p.m.

I've been dealing with a major dilema this month. The story has a huge history so bear with me. My sister married a jack a$$ of a husband when she was 18 and had a baby 9 months later. 10 years and 2 more kids later they are still married. He has relaxed some over the years but he is super controlling, verbally mean and just a general a$$. He doesn't let her do ANYTHING without permission, buy anything, etc and usually she doesn't get to do anything til 10 pm at night when he goes to work.

Well my baby sitter's husband works at the same prison as my BIL. So in passing one day I say - do you know Kevin Webb. You know - making small talk. He got a really weird look on his face and said yea - and I explained it was my BIL. Still a WEIRD look. So a few weeks past and I find out the baby my sitter keeps at night is the daughter of a woman my BIL carpools with and there is hint of an affair but nothing concrete.

Then a few weeks ago I was at the Dr.'s office and talking to a complete stranger in a prison uniform. Making small talk I again say - do you know Kevin Webb? She gets a similar bizarre look - and I again I own up to the fact he's my BIL. She takes her daughter back for shots, etc. Then before I go back she comes and tells me that she doesn't know why she is doing this but it's all over the prison how Kevin is having an affair with this woman who has a baby (so that makes me think it's the one my sitter babysits for) and that there is talk he is leaving my sister.

So I tell Brian. He wants me to tell Amy my sister. And I knew I should. But how? Good lord how? Plus she has VERY little self-esteem and in the past he had her convinced if she ever left he would take the kids from her (yeah right - number one he is TOO lazy to be a father). But if she does get a wild hair up her bottom and confronts Kevin and he knows I told her but they stay together I would probably never see her again! SIGH! I hate this. I HATE this. But these were the thoughts running through my head.

But two completely unrelated incidents have been brought up now. Why do people have to be such jerks?

So I've been putting it off and tonight I told her. She was so stoic about it. I think she believes me but I think she's been hurt so much over the years she's almost cried out if that makes sense. So now she has to decide what to do.

Let's pray the best decision is made. She deserves some happiness.

BTW - Salem's geneticist and cariology appointments are tomorrow!

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