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The IVF Journey Begins

2001-09-25 10:32 a.m.

Today is a nothing kind of day. I managed to get my kitchen cleaned last night (which is no small feat these days). I even mopped the floors and it has a nice piney smell that I love. Too bad the rest of my house it totalled! :(

The waterbed didn't get fixed. I am so sick of that blasted bed. I want to get rid of it but we don't have the money to by a new bed. Well we do but it's IVF money! So I guess I would rather have my back tortured and possibly get pregnant. I figure I can sleep on the couch if it gets too bad. And when I am pregnant (or we stop) I can get a new bed.

Speaking of IVF - I got a bunch of my meds in. Wonderful people have donated meds to me and I don't have to buy much! I was sitting on the floor counting it, looking at it and making a mental note of what else I need. I have the stims, and one bottle of PIO and several needles and alcohol pads but not enough. So I need to buy more of those and a lupron kit. I think I found one to buy online from another IVFer for $65. Considering they are $250 plus new that's an awesome deal.

So here I am sitting here looking at all the meds and I realize I am going to have to give myself the majority of these shots. CRAP! Brian has always done them. But the RE is out of town and Brian will only come on retrieval and transplant days cause he has to work and go to school. That sucks! I hadn't thought about poking myself. It seems easier when someone else does it.

I also got a lab sheet for my initial bloodwork. I have to get: a Hep BSA, Hep C, Rubella, RPR (I don't know what this is) and a HIV test. Brian has to get male STD's, Hep BSA, Hep C, RPR and a HIV test. He is cool with it so far. He always has been. So I guess we are starting. The idea is start BCP in December and then start Lupron and stims in January. So it's beginning. It's still a ways but the beginning has started.

I am nervous and scared and excited as hell! Oh God please let this work.

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