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In Memory & Bell's Palsey Experience

2002-06-07 10:36 a.m.

In memory of Martin Burnham and Deborah Yap. Dear Lord, please give Gracia and their families strength and courage in the coming days and a strong sense of peace that Martin's death was not in vain. That he died for you and is in your presence now. In the name of Jesus.


OK So did I gross ya'll out with my maggott story? Well they are gone. I did wash down all the surfaces and floors and drains with bleach again.

I spent the evening last night at the hospital with my grandmother. My cousin thought she had a stroke and rushed her in. It turns out it was Bell's Palsey. I had vaguely heard of it but didn't know quite what it was. She was treated and released and actually the Dr. was more concerned with her emphezema so he put her on Medrol and we got her an appt to see her Dr. next week.

I did a little reading this morning on Bell's Palsey and was surprised to find that researchers in Japan identified the common cold sore virus, herpes simplex, as the likely cause of most cases of Bell's palsy. Plus it can strike almost anyone at any age; however, it disproportionately attacks pregnant women (EEK) and people who have diabetes, influenza, a cold, or some other upper respiratory ailment.

Well I panicked a bit cause I am pregnant and I have a tendancy to get cold sores. But I can't worry. But thank GOD it wasn't a stroke. I LOVE my Nannie and sure am not ready to lose her. The Dr. said she should notice a recovery in her facial expressions (she couldn't smile or close her right eye last night) within 3 months.

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