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I do love Brian

2002-03-20 9:15 a.m.

Brian has been driving me crazy the last two days. Like this morning for instance. It's 10 til 8. It takes me five minutes to get to work and I am making my lunch. He wants a receipt to take for reimbursement. Well I am a little busy. It will have to wait. I think I said it a lot kinder than that but it hurt his feelings. But geez. I do have to go to work.

So then he calls work for his mom and dad's birthdays. (He's filling out his passport application). So I tell him. Well then he wants to know what year they were born. Well heck I don't know! Then he looks for his birth certificate. Well it should be in the file marked birth certificates. But it's not so he's frustrated again!

I know he's stressed. Korie's here this week and he has school. She's been a little clingy and is complaining about her new braces. Then he has a research paper and a test tomorrow. He has to get his passport application off for his mission trip to Brazil in July. Then he has to go to work today. He's tired. And stressed. But he's still driving me nuts!!!

I need to pamper him some. But I have to get motivated to do it! UGH! Now I feel bad legitimately! But I am so blasted tired and pukey that it's hard to get motivated to do anything.

I LOVE Brian! I wish I could make things easier for him. He's worried of course about having twins and him finding a job. We've relied on me being the breadwinner with a decent job and benefits for over 4 years. Now that's all changing. Of course it's nerve wracking! Poor Baby!!! He really is wonderful most of the time. Yes he frustrates me to no end sometimes, but that all floods away when he holds me in bed or we whisper I love you. I couldn't be me without him.

So now let me say what I love about him. His faith is phenomenal. He seldom waivers or loses faith in God even in the worst of circumstances. He is one of the most compassionate men I know and will help anyone within reason. He is funny and cute and charming (oh so charming). I LOVE it when he kisses my neck and nuzzles me and holds me. I love to watch him play and love the kitties, and spend time with Korie and love on the youth group. I LOVE his chef capabilities and the fact that he doesn't mind helping me do things like clean house or do laundry.

I just love him! He's more special than I say sometimes and I really need to work on letting him know that.

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