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I am woman...

2002-01-25 3:24 p.m.

...hear me roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have CONQUERED DFW!!! I have made it back and forth 7 (yes count them) 7 times to DFW!!! Most of time I would go to Arlington which is a cinch to get to. By on the third trip I had to get to Irving for meds. And the same for the next three trips. And then to go pick up more meds Wed night.

And then this morning I almost got lost. I had to pickup one last antagon at a pharmacy I hadn't been too. They told me to talk Airport Freeway west. OK so what sign do I look for? Airport Freeway of course. Of course NO ONE told me that Airport Freeway is 183, a major highway that I wouldn't have missed. I made it all the way from Arlington to Dallas before I figured it out.

But I figured it out. I knew something was wrong and managed to read a map and make it back!!!

Sounds silly to some but I have been terrified of driving in DFW for years! Literally years. And now I have done it ALL week.

Now if I could just conquer 635!!! ***Shudder***

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