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Beware - The Weekend From Hell Entry

2002-05-09 12:52 p.m.

The past weekend cannot be described any other way other than a pure weekend from hell.

We already know how my Friday started with the puking! :( Well Brian talks me into driving all the way to Clovis with him to get Korie. Sure I can handle it! Well it starts off with me have to stop and pee every hour or so. Then we stop to eat. Then we make it to Clovis about 9 pm their time. We leave to come home. We get about an hour away from Brian's dad and I ask him if it will be ok if I doze off. He said yes he's fine. Korie's asleep in the back sleep. Well I don't know how long I slept but he hit those bumps on the side of the road meant to wake you up if you fall asleep. Well I woke up. So he's SO tired I say pull over and take a nap. He does. Now normally when he pulls over to take a nap 30 minutes totally refreshes him. Well not this time. I toss and turn and doze and wake up and doze and then have to pee. I look at the clock at it's 3 am. So I wake him up. Brian I have to pee. Go behind that tree he says.

Uh Hello! No way. I've seen way too many horror flicks to go traipsing off behind a bush plus there are 4 truckers pulled into the same restspot. So I say how far are we from your Dad. I dunno he says.

So I make him change spots with me and I will drive in. Well you know what? We were 18 lousy minutes away from his dad's. 18 FREAKING minutes. I was so ticked. I had to pee and lay in that gosh awful seat forever and we were only 18 minutes away.

Plus by now I can't breathe due to the sinus infection I am developing. But we get there and I managed to sleep 5 hours before getting up.


Well the next day I feel like !#!@#!@#. Literally. Korie is being a REAL brat. Sorry. No other term describes it. So Brian has her come outside with him to work on the house with Papa Bobby. I lay in bed and watch TV. I try to help MIL pack but it's really hard to help someone else pack so she sends me packing! LOL.

Well my SIL/BIL and her 4 kiddos come by. The kids are great but rowdy and the oldest breaks a sprinkler pipe. Now normally they would just eventually fix this. But it's a couple of hundred dollars probably and they are closing on the house in 2 weeks. So that caused some drama as you can imagine.

We ate subway for supper. Yummy! I even managed to eat the jalapenos without getting sick.

Then Brian and his dad get the bright idea to move the grandfather clock and the furniture on to our house (an hour away). Well they barely got there before a hail storm erupted. They literally got the clock inside as the hail started pounding the pavement. Of course I didn't know that so I was terrified that the leaded bevelled glass in the clock was ruined.


By now I REALLY can't breathe. I watch Trading Spaces (I didn't like the polka dots - sorry Genevieve). But I LOVED Vern's room on the second episode. I don't even sleep 3 hours that night.

We had a major episode with Korie that night and she got in big trouble. She was SO mouthy and Brian hates getting on to her when he sees her so little but what is he supposed to do?

She ends up in our bed cause of the massive thunderstorm and the fear it has put in her. She was shaking and crying. (I think partly because she was in so much trouble).

The next morning we skip church and the inlaws come home after Sunday School. They took us to lunch and we hit the road back to Clovis. BLECH! I HATE this drive. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I will not go again while pregnant. Nope not me.

We stop in Luboock to get Korie a swimsuit. They have the same Walmart as we do and their swimsuits were $3 cheaper. What's up with that?

We get her home and stop back in Lubbock. I am beyond miserable. The claritin is NOT helping. But what can I do. It does not help running into a dust storm. We stop at On The Border and eat supper. Once again I managed to eat spicy food. It's Cinco de Mayo and Brian gets 2 margaritas - 1.75 each. I am SO jealous. I took a sip. Don't shoot me. I felt stupid when the waiter saw me as I am obviously pregnant. But it was just a sip.


We get back to Brian's dad by 11 pm. I sleep 2 hours. That's it. I am NOT going to work on Monday.

So that was my weekend. It was hell. I still feel like crap but I managed to sleep 5 hours last night. So maybe I am on the mend.

Oh yeah I took my doppler with me and we found the babie's heartbeats. Brian's dad and Korie really enjoyed that.

Oh and my clock is GORGEOUS. Perfect. The chimes are exquisite and it was made in the 1890's. I will take a pic of it tonight and post it tomorrow.

I still feel like crud but at least I look cute today! And I have on a REALLY cute maternity shirt - here's a pic and get this Mia - I have on white capris!!! :) I look pretty darn cute being pregnant in capris!!! :) LOL. (She'll know what this means.)


Oh by the way I got reviewed! Check it out. This did my heart well. :) Thanks Nicole.

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