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A Happy Day

2002-04-18 10:59 a.m.

Happy Anniversary to me!!! :) 4 Years!!! My love woke me up to tell me he loves me. He has class tonight but we are going out tomorrow night.

I had an ob appt this morning and got to hear the heartbeats. Oh what a wonderful sound. I am SO happy!!!

My headaches - we are going to keep on the claritin and tylenol and keep going on! :) If it gets real bad we will have me see a specialist that can try to pinpoint the cause. We think it's sinus/allergy.

On the stroller - I spent 3 hours online last night researching them. The only one that compares to the Eddie Bauer in the features I like is like over $300. I am NOT spending that. So for now I think I will stick with it. The Graco's are nice but people have complained they are heavy too and we already have carrier carseats so that benefit doesn't help. I never realize I would agonize over this. And like a friend said - it's a double stroller what do I expect? And a side beside is not an option.

This Sat we are going to lowes to get the paint and molding for the room! :) That's exciting!!! I can't wait to pick the perfect tangerine color!!! LOL. I want a new ceiling fan but we will have to see on that. It at least needs a new light fixture. So that's me for now. Not much! But a very happy day!

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