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General Update - 8/21/2004

2004-08-21 2:41 p.m.

We last weekend we picked up Korie and went on to Albuquerque and had a great time. Brian and Korie went to the waterpark but got terribly sunburnt even though they used sunscreen twice. Do you think sunscreen can go bad?

Salem and I spent the day with a friend I met online 5 years ago. We went to the aquarium and botantical garden and then that night we all had dinner together. We were going to go to Old Town that night but Brian and Korie weren't up to it. The next day we did go close to the mountains and take pics and to eat and then stopped at a Whole Foods to stock up on some things we can't get where we live. On the way home we stopped at the Billy the Kid Museum and saw his grave.

Then we stopped (an hour and a half after dropping Korie off) and had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and visited my mom's friend. She had a friend who had a Little Tykes VW Bug Bed and he only wanted $20 for it. So we bought it. At first I thought it was too boyish but Brian really loved it. So we got home and it looks perfect in her room. So cute. I need to scrap off the sticker decals in front and that's it!

Pic #1

Pic #2

You know sometimes I really really really wish Rebecca would act like Korie's mom rather than her buddy or best friend. Korie emailed me before we picked her up for Albuquerque. Rebecca's been having medical problems and the Dr.'s think she may have ovarian cancer. But have said they aren't sure and are going to do all the testing necessary to find out. First of all I of course hope she doesn't have cancer and we're for the best.

BUT why on earth would you tell your preteen about the possibility of cancer when you yourself don't know? Couldn't it have been explained that the Dr.'s aren't sure what's wrong and she's going to go through some testing and hopefully it will be something easily treated?

Korie's been emailing me about it. She's trying to act brave but she's scared. And in my opinion she's potentially scared about nothing. Yes if it turns out to be cancer she deserves to know. But why get her all emotional and all when you yourself don't know?

Then yesterday I had a busy busy day. Brian was off work due to the rain. So we went to lunch, then to Geoffrey's and bought a ton of stuff on the big sale. Before the discounts it was $130 and I paid $68. Then we went to Lowes and got a new toilet. Then I took Brian and Salem home since Salem was napping and went to the bank to sign loan paperwork for the business, to pick up Salem's RX, to go pick up a check from a client, go back to the bank, then home to get something ready for Brian and Salem for dinner and then to a scrapbooking crop. I got 6 pages down. Which I felt really proud of until my mom told me she got 12 done! LOL. Then I went to Walmart because Brian called to remind me we were out of pediasure! ACK! So ANYWAY...I got home about 12:45 am! Slept til 8:30. SO tired. LOL.

Salem is doing wonderfully. I just love her. We have so much fun playing. She did her first fingerpainting this week and I caught her sitting on her potty chair reading a book! LOL. What a character!

There's some newer pics in her albums if you wanna look. If you don't have the password post in the GB or email me. If I know you I will send it. If I don't know you send me a link to your diary and we'll see.

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