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Brian The Grump

2002-01-24 9:35 p.m.

Well my trip last night was eventful. Brian wouldn't let me sleep much! I think he forgot I had been up since 4 am! EEK. But it was fun. We talked and held hands and enjoyed it. Then we got almost there and I realized it was almost 9:30 am! 30 minutes past when I should have done my shot. Uh Oh! So Brian pulls over at a small but packed diner on I20 in the middle of nowhere. People kept walking past us. I am not sure anyone noticed.

Well he got my shot ready and I rubbed ice on my tummy and away that shot went in. Simple. Then the antagon. Well I have to do that one in my thigh. LOL. So down my pants go. Well I don't think anyone saw but geez they got a show if I am mistaken.

We get to the DFW area around 10 ish and make our way to North Richland Hills. Ok the lady told me to get on 820 E. Well I was trying to tell Brian this while reading her directions and he kept turning the overhead light off. Hello! I can't read in the dark! Hello!!! he quips back. I can't see. So my compromise? Pull over. Well that didn't happen. He was QUITE a grump by then!

So I try to remind him to look for 820 E and he says there isn't an 820 E and just has he says this he misses the 820 E cutoff. BOY was he pissed. I TRIED not to say I told you so! But alas I failed. LOL. Blame it on Henrietta I guess!!! LOL.

So we make it there and I go and get my meds and get to the car and ask Brian if this is what it's like to score a drug deal in the middle of the night. Of course being a grump he didn't think that was funny. Especially considering he is an ex drug user before getting saved! :) He thought it was funny today considering he got his sense of humor back!

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